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The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) device that you choose is guaranteed in accordance with the provisions of each brand. In case of defact and damage caused by the manufacturer's fault and still within the product warranty period, we will replace the product you have with the new device in accordance with the applicable regulations.

alat defibrillator AED

If there are technical questions related to the AED product that you have received, we will be happy to try to answer all the questions you ask via email or other contact services, we will connect you with a biomedical engineering staff/team to help resolve the problem you are asking.

Damage to AED devices caused by user negligence as well as events beyond control (force majeur) such as floods, storms, tsunamis, fires, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, mass riots, wars, sabotage, terrorism, and theft of your AED device are not included in the warranty. If there is any damage to the AED device, please provide a detailed explanation as well as a damage photo/video attachment and send it to our email. Our team will pre-analyze to provide an estimate of the cost of repairs (including shipping costs) and the waiting period for your device repairs.

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For some AED brands, the warranty period can be extended only by registering your device online to the manufacturer's website, additional documents on how to extend the warranty period will be attached to your AED device box. For requests for repair services, please send an email providing complete data such as the following: full name, institution / company, email, telephone number, AED brand, device serial number, and general description of the condition of the device experiencing damage and attachment of photos or videos of the condition of your AED device.

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