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Terms & Conditions



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The Terms & Conditions below govern the ordering of goods offered by Users are advised to read carefully because it can impact the rights and obligations of users under the law.

By registering and/or using the website, the user is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all the contents in the Terms & Conditions. These terms & conditions are a form of agreement as outlined in a valid agreement between the User and If the user does not agree to one, some, or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, then the user is not permitted to use the service at



  • "Account" means the account that you need to register on our website if you want to place an order.
  • "Working Day" means a day other than Saturday, Sunday or National Holidays.
  • "Order Confirmation" means our email to you, where we acknowledge your order
  • "Customer" means anyone who places an order on the website.
  • "Order" means goods submitted by you to the website to purchase products from us.


Orders are only through, shipments can only be serviced using JNE, TIKI and POS Indonesia shipping services. We reserve the right to reject orders, if:

  • On that day there was an order of the same item, which caused a lack of stock of goods.
  • Unilaterally, by stating the reasons for rejection in the statement.
  • In accordance with the agreement if indeed we deem it necessary.
  • If we have received the order, it means it has been processed/packaged & cannot be canceled by you as a buyer
  • If there is a deficiency/excess in the order amount or is wrong, it will be included in the next order or refund the funds.
  • Claims no later than 2 days after being delivered thereafter are considered to be no problems. Goods will be replaced if there is a delivery error, for example, item A is sent goods B or there is a shortage of goods is sent. So we do not accept complaints in any form other than these two problems.
  • Goods shipping will be processed no later than 1x24 hours after verifying the order. All incoming orders will be processed in accordance with the order, except Saturday/Sunday and national holidays.
  • We are only responsible for shipping to the approved shipping site. If there is an error, damage, miss route, no one in the house / empty house / recipient of unknown items or lose at the time of delivery, then it is not our responsibility. Damaged goods in shipping then returned by courier to us still can not be refunded.
  • Write the delivery address as complete as possible, because if it is incomplete we will reject it. Writing the address is entirely the responsibility of the buyer.
  • All incoming orders will be processed on the same day, except if the order is overloaded / other constraints (lights out, floods, internet connection constraints, new items arrive at the warehouse but have not had time to be dismantled and other similar things), or incoming ones go past the time/hour specified, it will be processed the next day.
    *Monday - Friday Last Order 12.00 WIB
    *Saturday, Sunday, Holidays / Holidays = CLOSE
  • We will give the receipt (No. AWB) as soon as possible or no later than 2x24 hours.
  • If the buyer has got a receipt number means the item has been sent to JNE / TIKI / Pos Indonesia. If an invalid occurs, the courier has not updated the data on the central computer. Please enter question H + 3 if the receipt number is not yet valid.
  • For complaints about deficiencies / errors of goods, the buyer must include proof of the Order Sheet. Without the Order Sheet we will not serving complaints.


For Packages that Have Problems:

  • Goods that have been sent and receipt number inputted are the full responsibility of the expedition. We are willing to help with the follow-up, if there is indeed a problem in shipping the item with a note: You as a buyer also contact JNE / TIKI / Pos Indonesia to help or reconfirm your name + address + mobile phone number to simplify the process.
  • For package damage, for example: damaged, dented, broken, cracked once again it is not our responsibility, we try as safe as possible to pack all packages by using quality plastic bubble & carton.
  • Every buyer who makes a transaction at is deemed to have read, understood and agreed with the things above.


Ordering Policy

  • The customer first chooses the product he wants, by clicking "Buy".
  • After the order enters the shopping basket, the customer can choose to add a shopping order or "checkout" for further processing
  • In the "checkout" process the customer is asked to log in first or make a new registration.
  • Then the customer must follow the steps "checkout" as follows:
  • KTP (National ID) Address and Billing Statement Address: Customers are asked to update other shipping addresses, if any.
  • Confirm order: Customers are asked to agree to the applicable conditions at (after this process the customer will get an email about the order information).


Payment Policy

Payment methods available are by transfer to our account. The customer must confirm payment by sending an email to with the contents stating the name, telephone number, order number, transfer amount, bank transfer.

The currency used and valid for purchases on this website are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). All transactions will be processed within 1x 24 hours.

The customer is then required to complete the payment and if the payment transaction has been successfully carried out, we will send the payment receipt via email to the email address listed in the customer's personal data within 1 (one) day after the payment process is completed.

Invoice is a valid proof of transaction as a proof of order and purchase and as a reference for your purchase. You are encouraged to save invoices for each of your purchases which may be useful for services after purchase. Save proof of payment whenever needed.


Refund and Cancellation Policies

We do not serve the return of goods unless there is an error on our side and outside of what has been determined in the terms and conditions on this page. Return applies if the item received is damaged / defective / incomplete accessories. Refund applies if the goods that have been ordered and paid for are out of stock and we will return all funds that you have transferred. Order cancellation:

  • You have not made payment within 3x24 hours after ordering or at the request of the customer
  • We have not received your payment
  • The invoice date for the order has expired

In an unspecified time the terms and conditions will change. Use of this website must be followed by any changes that are part of the agreement and bound to by the terms in accordance with the changes that exist without exception.