ZOLL AED Plus is one of the highest quality products, as one of the pioneers in the field of AEDs, this product is much sought after by consumers because of its prime advantages that other brands don't have.


ZOLL AED Plus is a device that has excellent advantages in terms of design, reliability, durability and performance. Actually only half of victims of sudden cardiac arrest will require shock, but all victims require high-quality CPR. AED Plus will help the operator or rescuer to perform CPR and give electric shocks if needed.

  • Real CPR Help® technology will guide the operator or rescuer in real-time when performing CPR actions which include the number and depth of chest compressions via text, audio and image guidance.
  • The battery life and electrode pads for 5 years can increase preparedness and are economically affordable.
  • Resistant to dust and moisture exposure with an IP55 rating, one of the best in its class.
  • Guide to the adaptive metronome, which can assist the operator or rescuer in determining the appropriate number of chest compressions.
  • It has pictures of the steps for the help guide making it easier for the operator or helper to provide assistance in a noisy or pluralistic environment with people who have various language backgrounds.
  • Electrode pads that are connected to one another make it easier for the operator or helper to place and attach the electrodes according to the right position, as well as the right hand position when performing CPR actions.
  • Automatic testing of battery capacity and overall device performance per day, week, month.

Your Package Contains:

  • 1 ZOLL AED Plus Semi Automatic Device Indonesian Language
  • 1 CPR D Padz Adult
  • 1 Duracell Lithium 123 Battery Pack (10 Pcs)
  • 1 ZOLL AED Plus Black Transport Bag
  • 1 AED Box Wall Cabinet Alarm
  • 1 AED Manual Book Plus Indonesian Administrator's Guide
  • 1 American Heart Association Indonesian Version of the Operator's Guide
  • 1 Declaration of Conformity European Council Directive 93/42/EEC English
  • 1 United Sates Premarket Approval Application (PMA) English Food & Drug Administration (FDA) instructions
  • 5 Year Warranty Card
  • Brochure for 7 Year Warranty Extension (5 Years + 2 Years) in Indonesian